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Hello and Welcome to the ZHS photos and memories website.
My name is Jack Leighton. I graduated Zaragoza High School in 1961.

Nancy Knell/Reeves, managed to dig me up after all these years. I was amazed to hear from her and to hear about some of my other classmates.

In my excitement, I dragged out my box of school treasures and started sharing with a couple of people by email. That was so much fun I decided to set my memories on a website to share with everyone.

One idea led to another and I decided this site would be a great place for all of us to share our photos, memories, announcements and treasures, as well.

If you have any photos or announcements, or anything at all you would like to see all your school and classmates enjoy, send them to me by email and I will be happy to put them on the site.

You will also find a message board to post your "looking for" information or just to say hi or to chat with one another. Let us know what you've been doing since you left school. There is also a guestbook and we'd love to know you were here.

This site will be for those who attended ZHS between the years 1956 and 1964, so everyone should know very well, or be somewhat familiar with others of those earlier years.

Enjoy the site and PLEASE send me what you would like to see here. I can receive email attachments. If you send something, send along a description as well.





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